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Kellie McMullen was born in 1970 in Pennsylvania, but now lives in Florida with her husband and their children. Now known as Kellie Hatman, her Artistic Stage Name remains her maiden name.
She has been an artist of many different genres for many years, including drawing, painting, writing, cartooning and your general run-of-the-mill doodling, among many others and although her specialty has always been drawing in pencil, over the more recent years, she has refound an old passion in photography and given it life again. Since her son was born in 2010, a large focus of her photography has been centered around him, of course, but she still finds time to work on collections of landscapes, flowers and anything beachy.
Another love of hers is anything digitally created, knowing just enough about computers to stay mildly in trouble. She enjoys combining her works such as digital design with pencil or paint, etc.
To find her, just look on her Flavors page.
That's her in a nutshell. This site serves as her personal online portfolio. Please enjoy the world from her artistic point of view.

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